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Contra Costa Times – Oakland’s Kingston 11 is a Jamaican Gem
(also in San Jose Mercury News and Oakland Tribune)
“Whether you’re sipping a Rosemary Jane, an Oaktown Ting or another craft cocktail from the rum bar, you’ll have no trouble imagining that the whoosh of traffic outside is the sound of the sea.
…the first bite oozes smoky depth and complex flavors. It’s a winner, served with rice and peas, and plantains. And it’s just one of a whole slew of tempting possibilities.”

Chow – Ten Reasons to Hella Love Food in Oakland Right Now

CBS Bay Area – Feel Irie at Oakland’s Kingston 11 Cuisine
“Upon tasting my chicken, Dana said ‘it’s like a flavor sensation’ I agree whole heartedly.”

East Bay Express – Straight Outta Kingston
“This is a place where everyone is made to feel welcome. If that isn’t enough to make you want to go, there’s also this: The food, much of it lovingly slow-cooked over the course of many hours, is some of the most memorable I’ve had this year.”

Yelp Newsletter – A Taste of the Caribbean

Bravo Your City! – Feel Good Food at Kingston 11
“You can feel the love here. It’s everywhere: in the air, between the warm snippets of conversation exchanged between strangers, in the clinking of glasses at the bar commemorating a night out, in the families and friends huddled together at each table…Kingston 11’s got the formula for comfort food down and perfected, pitting savory applications (cod cakes & the jerk chicken, which is understandably a jerk because it is SO, SO deliciously spicy) against sweet ones (deep fried plantains, caramelized carrots, sweet potatoes), achieving that gorgeous harmony of flavors which are only achieved with true mastery.”


Daily Candy – Chill Out at Kingston 11