The best Jamaican restaurant in Oakland

What folks are saying…

“I love this place.  The food is delicious — best jerked chicken I have ever had, Jamaica included.  The crowd is beautiful.  The owner/host is beyond warm and friendly. The price is right. Parking is easy on the street. What else could one want?” Michael Allen J, via Yelp.

“Kingston 11’s got the formula for comfort food down and perfected, pitting savory applications against sweet ones, achieving that gorgeous harmony of flavors which are only achieved with true mastery.” Contra Costa Times

“Love this place!! Definitely get the jerk chicken! … Love what they did to the space, and service was great and friendly.” Sergio M, via Yelp.

“I’ve never tasted better plantains anywhere else.”  Kni N via Yelp

“Trust me, I am from Kingston 20, lived in Brooklyn NYC, and return to Jamaica once a year. What I noticed over the past 3 years, the Jamaica cuisine is evolving even in Jamaica. Kingston 11 is the next best stop west of Brooklyn or Bronx.” -Big D, via Yelp

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